Salon Series: Krewe Du Kanaval presents Bote Bliye / A Haitian Artwork Exhibition from the Collection of the Late Dr. Jean C. Brierre and Nicole Riboul Brierre (Part 1 - Exhibit Opening)

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The Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection is a privately owned collection of over 400 acrylic paintings, oil paintings, iron works and sculptures created by Haitian artists and collected by the late Dr. Jean Chenier Brierre and his wife Nicole Riboul Brierre.

Since the 1940’s, Dr. Brierre and his wife collected works from talented Haitian artists to create a magnificent collection that tells the historic legacy of their home country, Haiti. As an avid art lovers who were passionate about their country, they believed that through art, the history and culture of Haiti could be shared with people of all nationalities. This impressive body of work includes a variety of artists from the most well-known to amateur painters. Dr. Brierre and his wife collected this body of work through their sincere love of art which is why the Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection is so textured with an array of artists with diverse styles.

The Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection is indeed a vivid depiction of life in Haiti. Through the colors, the styles, mediums and the talent of each artist represented, Haiti’s history, culture, religion, festival performance, mountainous landscapes, and its people can be shared with the world for generations to come.  

"Despite existing as a beautiful country that was the first independent black republic in the world, Haiti is now often associated with poverty, corruption and disaster. Much of these associations are the result of economic assault by countries like France and the United States. The Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection is an emphatic antithesis to these negative narratives as it illustrates the true multilayered beauty of the country. The collection also represents the legendary immigrant story of Dr. Jean Chenier Brierre and his wife, Nicole Riboul Brierre - in addition to the underdiscussed familial relationship between New Orleans and Haiti. My family and I hope that this collection can be a mirror for New Orleans to learn more about her essence." - Nic Aziz, curator

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