Salon Series: Lars Edegran's New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra

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  • Ticket Price: $20.00 - $50.00
  • Show Type: Jazz
  • Tags: Salon Series
  • Restrictions: All Ages
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Join us for a very special reunion of Lars Edegran's New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra at 5 and 6 PM. 



Multi-instrumentalist Lars Edegran was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1944. Lars was exposed to music in the home from an early age, particularly American blues
and jazz records, and began taking piano lessons at age 7. While at university in Stockholm, Lars began traveling around Europe. By chance, he met the owner of the Jazz Record Mart music store in Chicago and was offered a job. Lars jumped at the chance. 

Edegran traveled to Chicago in March of 1965 and began working at the music store, laughingly recalling his surprise that Chicago was even colder than Sweden. During that time, Lars saw some of the brightest blues talents of the day perform, including Son House, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy and Lightnin’ Hopkins. In August of 1965, along with a wave of other European musicians traveling to New Orleans, Lars hitchhiked from Chicago to New Orleans and arrived just before Hurricane Betsy hit. On his first day in New Orleans, he came to Preservation Hall.

The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra was formed in 1967 by Lars Edegran to perform classic Ragtime in the style and spirit of the New Orleans bands from the 1890s – 1920s period. The cakewalks and marches, waltzes and blues, coupled with classic rags and traditional jazz, all combine to bring back, once again, the sounds which stirred dance halls of an earlier time.

Nine record albums, film credits from their role in A Tribute to Louis Armstrong, and an Academy Award nomination for the sound-track to Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby attest to the creative vitality, loving warmth and sparkling spontaneity of the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra.


The Salon Series at 726 St. Peter is an expansion of Preservation Hall’s mission to Protect, Preserve, and Perpetuate through explorations of music, visual art, film, dance, digital content, and collaboration featuring Artists from both our resident musical collective as well as regional and visiting artists from all genres and disciplines.  As a venue and platform for sustaining traditions and fostering community from its inception, #Salon726 presentations offer a unique environment for Creators to celebrate the past, present, and future with new presentations that that cross discipline, geography, and perspective.